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man holding device to ceiling

Checking Moisture Levels in Sherborn, MA

When cleaning up a home after water damage, figuring out all parts of the problem is crucial in the restoration process. Check out this picture of Nelson Jr. reading the moisture levels in a home damaged by a burst pipe. This is so we can have an adequate understanding of how much damage has been done, and gives us information so we can correctly solve the problem with fans and other specialized equipment. 

man vacuuming carpet

Hotel Sewage in Framingham, MA

When staying at a hotel, a sewage backup is not something you want to be a part of your stay. When this hotel unfortunately experienced a sewage backup leading to terrible smells and nasty carpet, our team helped restore all effected rooms. 

empty office

Flood in Foxborough Office

Floods are no fun, especially in office spaces. When this office space experienced a flood in Foxborough, MA, our team was on the scene right away to restore the commercial space. No matter what type of building, we are here for you to help you get back to normalcy after a disruptive event. 

man removing floor

Removing Water Damaged Floor Boards

Snow storms occur often in Massachusetts, and can cause damaging effects in homes, like water in places their shouldn't be water. When a burst pipe caused a flood in this Natick home after a winter snow storm, our crew was there to help restore by removing buckled floor boards. We are here for you in your time of need, no matter when it may be!

Green truck in front of brown homes on street

Storm Crew Goes All Over

This past March, our team drove our vans down form Boston to Houston and Austin to assist in the storm cleanup after a massive snow storm devastated many homes. Check out this photo of our Massachusetts truck in Texas in front of a home that was damaged by a burst pipe from freezing temperatures. 

dirty bathroom

Fire Damage Leads to Soot

This was the aftermath of a fire at a school in Dover, MA when we arrived on the scene.  There was significant smoke and soot damage. The facilities engineer was very pleased how quick we worked. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

burned wall

Make Sure to Have Your Chimney Cleaned Once a Year

Chimney Fires occur at an alarming rate in our country, over 25,000 chimney fires account for over 120 million dollars in damage to property every year. A common cause of chimney fires is creosote inside the chimney catching fire and burning inside the chimney. Creosote is a by-product of burning that coats the inside of your chimney that needs to be removed during regular annual chimney cleaning by chimney sweeps.  This is an example of a chimney fire and the pervasive damage as a result.

water in bathroom floor

Sewage Backup Causes Water Damage

When this sewer backed up and caused a flood inside of a hotel chain, SERVPRO was there to restore all rooms effected. Water damage can be gross, like in this situation, but our teams are here to help you in your time of need. 

lady in building

24/7 Emergency Response

Our teams are available 24/7 to help your property in your time of need. No matter what type of building or when the damage occurs, our emergency response team is here to help you. 

man with foot covers on

Protecting Your Space

At SERVPRO Natick/Milford, we are committed to protecting your home or commercial property when you allow our crews in. With shoe covers, advanced masks and protective barriers to the rest of the space, you can be assured that the only damage occurring inside of your home is the damage that is already there.

destroyed ceiling

Snow Storm Causes Fallen Ceiling

After a historic snow storm caused burst pipes in homes throughout Texas, our team traveled down to the Houston and Austin area to assist in the restoration of homes affected by the snow storm. This photo shows our team restoring the insulation in the walls of a home that was flooded after a burst pipe. 

wall with green splotches

Office Space Mold

When this office building in Wrentham, MA found extensive mold in their drywall, our team was just a call away to come and remediate all of the damage. With advanced techniques and a highly trained crew, we were able to get this company their office space back. 

hallway with water

Storage Facility Flood

After this storage facility in Milford, MA experienced water damage due to a burst pipe, our teams were able to go in and remove and restore the damage to give this space to hold people's belongings back. Water damage can be tough and can make it hard to use the places you need to use. Our SERVPRO team is here for you to make the process of restoring your property as smooth and easy as possible. 

dirt on floor

Sewer Troubles

After this hotel in Natick, MA unfortunately experienced damage from sewage, our team was able to remove and restore all affected parts. No job is too big for us, and we are happy to help anyone's property, whether it be commercial or residential. 

men holding a painting

Care and Consideration

What sets SERVPRO apart from other damage restoration companies is our care and consideration we take into handling your belongings. Any salvageable materials affected by damage will be treated gingerly by us, to be sure we can get your home to being back to normal in no time. 

man and woman talking


Our project manager, Shawn, speaks with a homeowner about our steps to restore her home after it was affected by severe damage from a burst pipe in Houston, Texas after a snowstorm. Communication is essential in fixing a home, and makes the process smoother. At SERVPRO, you can always count on us to let you know exactly what is happening in your home or commercial property. 

ceiling falling

Water Damage Caused Ceiling to Fall

This burst pipe in a home in Texas caused massive damage to many parts of the house. This photo was taken on a job in Austin, Texas after our storm team traveled down south to assist families in the restoration of their homes. We were able to remove the water and restore this ceiling to be good as new. 

green trucks on street

Storm Team on Site

Our green trucks are scattered on the road outside of this house in Texas that we restored after it was hit by a burst pipe from the snow storm. 

men in group

Discussing the Job

Check out this photo of our storm team in Texas discussing our damage restoration plan inside of a home that was affected by a burst pipe during the historic snow storm. Open communication about the job and what is going on in your space while we restore is so important to us, and we are happy to have conversations about the steps being taken. 

city skyline

Arriving in Houston

After a historic snowstorm dumped snow all over the South, our storm team arrived in Texas the day after to assist in the damage restoration caused by the storm. We know snow, and the effects it can have on homes, so we were glad to spend almost a month in Houston/Austin restoring as many homes affected by water damage as we could. Check out this photo of the Houston skyline which we captured on the day we arrived in the city!

windows covered in soot

Debris From Fire

Fires can cause lots of debris to be left behind. Our team removes all debris as part of our cleaning process in a timely manner to help get your home back to normal. 

living room covered in black

Living Room Destroyed by Fire

Is there a living room under there? After this family in Framingham, MA experienced a house fire, the home became coated in soot, like the living room shown here. Luckily, we are able to remove soot and deep clean homes and commercial spaces affected by fires. Although experiencing a fire can be upsetting, our team is here for you to help you in your time of need. 

bottles floating on water

Broken Water Main

Look close! Those bottles are floating on four feet of water! After this home in Needham, MA experienced a broken water main, our team was there to restore the house back to normal. 

bedroom with soot

Fire Damage in Bedroom

Fire damage can occur in any part of the house. Luckily, we are able to clean any part of your home! Our crews are specially certified in advanced techniques that allow complete restoration in your home, and can help your family get back to normal in a trying time. This house fire was no fun for this family in Blackstone, MA. We were able to restore all parts affected by the fire, including doing the soot clean up and rebuilding the damaged structure. Keep us in your emergency contacts for if you ever experience a fire like this!

blue wall with large hole in it

Dining Room Fire

Left the stove on for too long? Don't worry, we got your back. Our team is here to help you get your home back to as good as new, with specialized equipment and procedures to clean and rebuild your house better than anyone else. This home fire in Medway, MA left a family without a dining room to eat in for. little while, but luckily our team was able to get in there and bring their house back to perfect. 

white building on fire

Any Building Can Catch Fire- No Matter the Size

Commercial buildings can catch fire, leading to extensive damages! When this large warehouse caught fire in Holliston, MA, our team was on the scene right away to help in the cleanup. Our team is able to tackle any challenge, no matter the size of type of damage. 

man taking down light

Water Damage in Tricky Places

You can't control where water damage ends up, but you can control hiring an expert crew to clean it out. At this job in Millis, MA, a burst pipe in a ceiling led to extensive water damage in the ceiling, which would have led to dangerous mold if not fixed by us. Luckily, we were able to bring the ceiling back to normal after water damage, "Like it never even happened."

ceiling and walls gutted

Burst Pipes=Lots of Damage

Burst pipes can lead to massive damage that can cause the need for the rooms in your house to be "gutted" in order to prevent harmful mold growth. Luckily, we are here to help! With our team being highly trained, we are able to not only remove water damage and mold, but also rebuild any damaged parts of your home. This house in Somerville, Massachusetts experienced rough water damage after a burst pipe. Luckily, we were able to not only remove the damage, but rebuild all affected parts. 

men cleaning up

Keeping the Workspace Organized

As we work on the job site, it is important to us to always keep the work area clean and organized in order to be as efficient as possible. With plastic partitions between rooms and debris always fully cleaned, you can trust us to keep your home as clean and in order as possible. 

two men opening floor

Floor Damage

Water damage can affect anywhere in a house, including the floor. Buckling on hardwood can be a result of water damage, and water under a floor can lead to dangerous mold. We are here to help restore and/or rebuild!

man with small machine

Moisture Readings

Nelson Jr. takes a moisture reading from a water damaged ceiling!

man with device

Reading Moisture Levels

Reading moisture levels is integral in a job to be sure we can take proper measures to ensure a safe and clean home. 

green dots on piece of wood

Bathroom Mold

Mold from water damages is common, but luckily we are able to identify the type of mold and use advanced technology and remediation to remove it. 

Green truck in front of brown home

Here For You

Check out this picture of one of our trucks in front of a damaged home we attended to. We are always to grateful to be able to be there for our community in their time of need, whether we be at home in Massachusetts in the Greater Boston Area, or we are traveling to a storm. 

man in basement with blue pump

Pumping Out Water

Inches to feet of water in a flooded basement is no match for our teams! After this home in Needham, MA experienced a flood in their cellar, our crews were there and ready to restore!

men in torn wall

Restoring Interior Walls

Check out this photo of our guys restoring a wall inside a home after it was affected by water damage and mold! Taken in Wellesley, MA inside of a home that experienced a pipe burst. 

man with hammer near sink

Drawer Demolition

Check out this shot of our owner, David, taking part in some demolition to begin the damage restoration process for some mold caused by water. These photos were taken in Houston, Texas by our storm team. 

man with car part

Car Dealership Gets Mold

We offer our services in both homes and businesses! This job took place at a car dealership when mold was found. Luckily, we were there to help! Using our pristine techniques, we were able to restore this business back to normal. 

house with debris

We Can Help Your Fire Damage!

Even after your house is affected by the worst, our crews are here to help you get your property back to amazing. 

dog in truck

Leo on the Job!

We love dogs at our office- meet Leo, a boxer puppy who loves to play in the shop!

man painting ceiling

Rebuilds Fixing a Ceiling

Luckily, our rebuilds team is here to help get your building back to perfection after experiencing a loss! Whether you live in Dover, Sherborn, Natick, Milford, or anywhere in the area, we are here for you! 

man turning on green fan

Air Circulation

Check out some of our machines! Here is one of our crew chiefs turning on a fan to induce air circulation!

men standing in kitchen

Working Hard on Rebuilds

Our rebuilds team working hard on another fantastic rebuilds project! Have your home completely restored all in one company at SERVPRO!

trucks in V shape

Ready to Go!

Our team prepares for another day of cleaning, restoring, remediating, and performing many other services!