What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

From the first phone call with SERVPRO Natick/Milford, I knew I didn’t have to worry about my flooded basement. The SERVPRO Team came out to my home immediately and cleaned up the water damage, set up fans to reduce the chance of mold and put my mind at ease. Insurance concerns were also handled by their office. Best call you can make when you’re in a crisis situation!

I used Tom and his team for clean-up at my hotel from water damage. They were detailed, reliable, and fast. I would use them again and recommend them for any business that needs to keep costs down and get back up and running quickly to start generating more revenue.

We had water intrusion in several of our rental units due to the snow and ice. Tom was very helpful with getting the work set up. The crew was amazing. They were great to work with: quick, efficient, and thorough.

We recently flooded multiple rooms in our home. The team from SERVPRO of Natick/Milford arrived in less than a couple of hours from our call. I can't say enough good things about them! Not only was each of them knowledgeable and efficient, but they were also professional and very courteous. As we have never had a flood before, they helped us understand the damage. SERVPRO of Natick/Milford was able to resolve the water damage very quickly! I highly recommend their services.

During a freezing cold night a pipe burst in my apartment and I had significant water damage. I called SERVPRO of Natick/Milford and they responded promptly. The crew worked throughout the night, cleaned up all of the water and placed drying equipment throughout the affected area. The SERVPRO team handled all of the insurance paperwork for me and made it truly a stress free experience!

I came home to a leak in my bathroom that had saturated the ceiling, walls and floor. I called SERVPRO of Natick/Milford. They arrived extremely quickly, assessed the situation and walked me through the entire process. They even help me by working directly with my insurance company to handle billing. The guys worked efficiently, professionally, and courteously the entire time. I highly recommend using them.

My ground-floor apartment recently suffered massive water damage, many inches of water in my living room. Thankfully SERVPRO of Natick/Milford was able to help and they arrived very soon after I called. The team was extremely friendly and reliable upon arriving to my property. They worked hard to dry and clean my floors and walls, leaving no damage behind. Great work!